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IN THE MID 1990'S I was just getting acquainted with computers and the internet when my boss began setting up internet marketing since on-line buyimg was just emrging.

I thought the internet and email was something Grandpa Ken would find fascinating, and for some holiday I gave him a piece of internet real estate: a domain name! BullerBay.com! 

 As time and tide would have it, Grandpa's time for computer usage was running out, and without someone to teach and review more often, he never really understood what it was all about and email became a one-way receiving service on a special Hewlett Packard device.  Getting those email kept him busy buying paper and ink, but he found it amazing and appreciated the pictures and messages we were able to send him.

THE ORIGINAL BULLERBAY WEBSITE was to have be a virtual town with a map of a make-believe village on a bay, with links to other pages on the site which would feature pictures and  tidbits of interesting information. The theme was to be nautical, taking Grandpa back to his love of the water, boats, and fishing.

The artist at work.


SO I continued to renew the domain name, and decided this year to (2014) re-join the cyberspace freeway, show off my family and keep friends current on what LCB is doing now days. All of this is under the umbrella of FAMILY BULLER.


That umbrella includes a couple Karmils, a whole slew of Baalkes, and several Bohalls, as well as the Bullers.  We have adopted a few others who we wanted to be under our umbrella, namely a Lafever (aka Queen of the North), and a medical celebrity from Southern California you may have seen on You Tube.


So, who we are and why we are....Just a family of grandparents, great grandparents, grown children, and a sole pre-teen grandchild who feel the need to share our art and literature and vacations and travel

I will be setting up an email account soo, so if anyone that happens across our site could reach us.  If you Google Buller Bay you will get some geographical place in Australia!


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