The Moment

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“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment
that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
...Karl Lagerfeld

"Artist's Joy"  - Miss Hayley in Gabrielle's studio

Artist's Joy

Last year we went to Kona...


And Hayley went gecko hunting with her SmartPhone and didn't shoot a single one!

Small critters, as you can see!




 Alexa made these moment pictures when she and Gabrielle joined Nate in his students' European tour.  The same scenery still sits and you could stand where she stood and it would still be there, but not her pictures and not her moments.  But it does beautify this page, don't you think?



Two moments remain in the remembering my first time out on a snowmobile, and this was the glorious one.  The other was freezing and frightened by being on the obscure trail after dark with people I knew were experienced and trusted on the mountain foothill...but then there was this mechanical failure and some debate about what to be done.  So capturing this moment was important since my other senses of only the dark would tell me a different story.




Between Anchorage and Homer 2009 



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